One step closer

Career development has really helped me get design self organized. I have an updated resume, I know how to make a cover letter, and my portfo a linked in account, a twitter, a blog, and soon to come, a fully done website. I plan on taking a business class online during the break

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This project was for Illustrative concept design. The goal was to explore different mediums and styles, but still illustrating the same thing.

The assignment was to come up with a poster that works “off the grid” telling people to visit San francisco. I decided to come up with a fictitious google maps site, where you could take pictures of different parts of the city and upload them and pin them to the map. This isn’t a new concept, there are iphone apps that do this, but I liked the idea of customizing the map as well, hence all the crazy colors. This poster would be an example of somebody’s map. It was a treat to make, but the file is so large. I traced over the original pdf file from This is why the text is so small. This poster is meant to be 30 X 30 on your wall.

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The Small Stakes

Sorry for the long absence. Finals, vacation, and the first three weeks of school have kept me busy. Now I’m back and prepared to keep posting work and featuring people along with things that inspire me like today.

I have a screen printing class this quarter so we have already completed our first assignment which was a “wood cut” illustration for a wine label. I did Black Swan, which I will post a little later after I revise it. Our next assignment is to Screen print a poster and shirt for a local SF event.

The Small Stakes is a website full of great screen print posters by a bay area artist named Jason Munn.

Go check it out for band poster inspiration!


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So this is just a little promotional piece I did for my design blog. I’m playing more with illustrator and learning new ways to do things. This week and next week is going to be utterly crazy. 

I have to:

do a photoshoot

make a first amendment poster

make two earthquake preparedness posters

rework all projects done in typography class and turn in friday

design 3 face cards in a playing card deck.


pant pant pant.. hopefully i can incorporate this into something somewhere.


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Sorry I haven’t been updating everyday like I should. I’ve been working on this clock vector piece for my digital illustration class and I literally have to give it my all. It’s going to be my dad’s birthday present as well so I have to finish it this

I’ll have a new feature soon!

Frog Prince

Other than her wrist looking broken because I wasn’t paying attention to anatomy, I think it turned out ok. I need to learn to do backgrounds first! I’m not a painter, I’m a designer.. the idea of having to do layers in order is new to me. haha.